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“I use the web for research. I find great websites. My problem is that I don’t have an easy way to keep track of (save) the URLs.”

Put your Research website Bookmarks on the Cloud   • Copy & Paste from MyOneClick to archive your Research Web Links to MS Word • Copy & Paste from MyOneClick to your PowerPoint Presentation.  

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“I don’t use bookmarks, but I probably should.”

If you frequently visit a Website, you should Bookmark it with MyOneClick.   • Bookmarks make it fast to visit your favorite Saved Websites. • Bookmarks prioritize the Websites you visit.  

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“I am away from my computer and I can’t get to my bookmarks.“

MyOneClick has your Bookmarks on the Cloud.   • If you are away from your computer, you are away from your Bookmarks. • You Bookmarked your Links, Let MyOneClick take them with you.  

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“I already use bookmarks, but is there something better?”

  Put your Bookmarks on the Cloud with MyOneClick. • Bookmarks are only on your computer and Smart device.   • Total number of Bookmarks are limited on your computer and Smart device.  

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